An AVIAN & DataSightJoint Venture


About DataSight

DataSight develops high-value UAS based data workflows for customers within the Power/Utility, Environmental, Oil/Gas and Infrastructure Markets.

We utilize a combination of advanced sensor capabilities and unique data production solutions to meet complex project challenges.

Through our flight aviation partner, AVIAN, DataSight utilizes the Pulse Aerospace Vapor Series of UAVs.

In coordination with MANTAS, DataSight is the exclusive commercial services provider for the  T12 USV (unmanned surface vessel) provided by Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC).

The MANTAS T12 is a twelve-foot, electric motor powered USV made of lightweight carbon fiber that employs a patented aerodynamic/hydrodynamic catamaran hull designed for pitch stability at high speeds, roll stability at low speeds and superior maneuverability. MANTAS vessels have endured hundreds of hours of runtime and have proven to operate and survive in high seas. Today’s MANTAS is a 4th generation system with associated high-reliability hardening, low maintenance modular engineering, a complete companion control system (TASKER) and a comprehensive command center (MCC).

DataSight Specialties