An AVIAN & DataSightJoint Venture



We believe reliable collection of precision data, using unmanned systems, is dependent on a professional approach to operations.

Our approach is to employ disciplined, well-trained aviators using state-of-the-art UAS and sensors to collect the critical data your business needs.

We solve tough data collection challenges.
From start to finish, we call upon our network of outstanding partners to provide full-service solutions.

If your job requires custom configurations or specialized modifications, our relationships with various technology providers allow us to rapidly augment our capabilities and take advantage of the latest advances in technology.

AVIAN's unmanned field unit, Spectrum, employs expert technicians and operators who use AVIAN custom vehicles and sensors from industry leaders, like Phoenix LiDAR and Trillium, to perform operations in all environments. We can be on site and operating on short notice and for extended missions.

If the data we collect needs extensive post-processing, our partner, DataSight, turns it into stunningly useful information, delivered in the format you require.

AVIAN Specialties