An AVIAN & DataSightJoint Venture


What is Spectrum Data?

One might say, the dual-purpose of unmanned systems is to integrate sensor technologies and collect information.

The AVIAN, Inc. and DataSight, Inc. joint venture, Spectrum Data, was conceived to marry two small businesses – composed of ex-military professional aviators and experts in workflows and data processing - into a unified enterprise with data collection and processing capabilities unseen elsewhere.

AVIAN brings...

the mindset and precision of military flight operation to the world of small commercial unmanned aircraft systems.

We are proven leaders in the development and test of unmanned systems and boast a growing list of ‘firsts’ in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) world. AVIAN’s military UAS experience includes flight test and operations of all sizes and complexities of unmanned systems from hand-launched to high-altitude, long endurance systems the size of airliners. Our field services unit provides a wide range of support to commercial customers, utilizing high-end, complex small UAS and sensors of all types. In each data collection operation, we emphasize the rigorous, disciplined, safety-first mentality of our military flight test heritage.

At DataSight...

we understand the value of data and what it means to stake professional reputations on field measurements.

Our core service is the selection of appropriate sensors and the processing and analysis of the data they gather into actionable forms that meet your needs. We develop the workflows necessary to apply geospatial controls to the collection and to extract the information necessary to accurately and precisely develop a measurement solution appropriate to your needs. DataSight’s technical leadership boasts a long history of professional consulting expertise in survey, geology, engineering, hydrology and data analysis. Our careers were built on our ability to collect high-quality data for power, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and governmental agencies.